Have you ever thought of having a beautiful corner in house to vibe nature and greenery? Have you ever thought of having a hobby which gives you benefits? Do you ever try indoor gardening with its basic knowledge of systems? Let’s have a look to the blog for understanding about indoor gardening.

If gardening practiced regularly, it may bring ultimate freshness to a person’s life. It can be calming, soothing, peaceful, and fulfilling. You have control over the environment, plant growth, and variation according to likeness, which is another advantage. A benefit of indoor gardening is the reduction of allergens and pollution. Also, it appears to have a positive impact on both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

What Is Indoor Gardening?

In general growing plants inside any premises is known as indoor gardening like houses or offices. These plants can be herbs, vegetable and flowers. Creatively, Indoor gardening is considered for decoration purpose and getting the vibe of nature inside the buildings. Apart from that mostly people prefer to eat from their own created gardens like vegetables. Many of the communities take indoor gardening as for selling purpose and few take as a hobby for a healthy eating and activity in free time.

Glimpse of Indoor Plants

One can grow different types of indoor plants like:

  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Watermelon
  • Pumpkin
  • Green Herbs
  • Peace Lilies
  • Begonias
  • Ferns
  • Spider or Snake Plant etc.

What Growing types are used in Indoor Gardening?

There are four main growing systems that an indoor gardener use:

  • Soil-based -similar to grow outdoor plant contains pod with traditional soil
  • Hydroponic – contains nutrient rich solution in liquid to grow plants
  • Aquaponics – similar to hydroponics, but use live fish in the water with plants
  • Aeroponic- advanced form of hydroponics, using air or moist to grow plants

6 Systems of Indoor Gardening

Following are the 6 systems of indoor gardening:

  • Aero Garden

An aero garden is a hydroponic container, allowing enough space to be kept inside the house anywhere. It is the most advance technology use to grow fresh in-house herbs and vegetables according to seasons, without direct contact of sunlight. Best quality of aero garden is having digital display that reminds you on time about water need and plant food to grow herbs.

  • Click & Grow Smart Garden 9

Click & Grow system has a built-in, energy-efficient LED grow light that operates on a 16-hour on and 8-hour off cycle, as well as an automatic self-watering planter. It includes nine free pods that you insert in planter, including three small tomatoes, three green lettuce, and three basil pods. The tank is subsequently filled with water that can last up to a month. Float indicator in it is used to track the record of water level.

  • Rise Gardens

Rise Garden has smart self-watering system that needs to be loaded once a week. It makes sure that appropriate amount of water and nutrients are provided to plants. It is a hydroponic garden carries 12 plants. Its kit has the capacity of one month supply of nutrient pods and eight seed pods, used to grow different vegetables and herbs. One can monitor and control nutrient & water level and LED light settings.

  • The Farm stand

For smaller indoor locations, this self-watering and self-fertilizing device is fantastic. You may cultivate specific fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even flowers, according to her. This approach of Farm Stand comprises checking the pH levels as well as supplying nutrients and water. It takes less than 10 minutes to put together each week.

  • Tower Garden

Tower garden is a vertical garden uses an aeroponic technique, in which a pump forces a nutrient-rich solution through a short central conduit/pipe and uniformly distributes it over the exposed plant roots. It comprises a seed-starting kit with a germination tray, net pots, a choice of starter seeds, and Rockwool cubes, serve as a replacement for soil and give the plants moisture and oxygen.

  • Gardyn Home Kit 3.0

It is the indoor garden Al-technique that was created to continuously grow 30 plants, you may harvest fresh production every day. It has five-foot-tall columns that distribute water equally. According to Gardyn, the system has a built-in camera to keep an eye on the health of your plants and adjust the watering and lighting schedule as necessary.


Above mentioned are the few systems that depends on your indoor gardening type and requirement. Choices may vary person to person but benefit remains constant. Creative Grow Store is a family owned business with extensive experience of 20 years in hydroponic gardening. They provide range of leading products to enhance the quality of indoor gardening. Their products may vary according to indoor gardening systems.