The word HYDROPONIC came from Greek roots, HYDRO means WATER and PONEIN mean LABOR or WORK. It means growing plants, herbs and vegetables without using soil, totally based on water. As plants get rich amount of nutrient solutions, oxygen and water for growth PROVING that this method has rapid growth rate, stronger yields with superior quality. Hydroponic system is used by farmers, home gardeners, hobbyists and commercial enterprises. Mainly, plants like herbs, lettuce, greens, tomatoes, pepper and strawberries are grown from hydroponic method.

Further an important fact is plant cannot grow without essential micro and macro nutrients as they are capable of making plant’s growth and development. For example, magnesium is the element for chlorophyll which has the job of capturing energy from light leads to photosynthesis. Adding more for development and growth macronutrients like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium and magnesium are essential whereas, micronutrients include iron, manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum, chlorine, copper and nickel.

Hydroponic technique has been used for scientific plant growth from 17th century onwards but get proper commercial scale in 20th century. The term Hydroponic was first called by Dr. Gericke in 1929 who developed the laboratory technique for growing plants.


Plant growth is based on sunlight, nutrients and water. Usually, plants get nutrients from soil but in the process of hydroponic, roots get rich nutrients from water. Hydroponic system can be designed to make sure adequate essentials of growth with correct pH level is giving to plant for survival in acidic environment. In hydroponic gardening, roots are placed in the water directly dissolved in growing medium, pot or tray where they start growth by getting nutrients.

Some of the necessary instruments or equipment used in this method are conductivity meter to indicate the amount of nutrients whether they need to be replenished, pH meter to control the acidity of the solution, lighting combination made of both sunlight and artificial light to maximize yield, air control in closed or bounded environment to check the concentration of CO2 specially to improve fertility of plants. Few of the gadgets used for hydroponic technique includes plastic container about 30cm deep, tray of 10cm with drainage hole, aquarium pump, must be placed in the bottom of the container to pump the water and nutrients into the upper tray, small container on substrate made up of coconut fiber or rock wool filled up with nutrients and the entire unit placed in sunny place or under lamp.


Below mentioned methods and systems are flourished for hydroponic gardening that can benefit in many ways to grow a healthy plant.

  • Flow and EBB or Flow and Drain System ( nutrients solution, tubes, pump & substrate )
  • Aeroponics ( nutrients solution, tube, pump & sprinkler )
  • Floating Root ( nutrients solution & Styrofoam raft )
  • Drip ( nutrient solution, pump & sustrato )
  • Wick ( nutrient solution, wick & substrate )
  • NFT, Nutrient Film Technique ( pump & nutrient solution )

Additionally, small places, congested areas, or soil-less place, hydroponic gardening contributes best to solve environmental and social issues. One can grow for themselves or for the purpose of small business to maintain financial standard. Regions like deserts where people are less blessed with greens/vegetables and fruits, hydroponic farming can be the solution if locals can contribute to grow and maintain self-made gardens, affordably and comfortably.



  • Hydroponic technique can be useful in many ways as it is an in-ground agriculture which can be happen easily in deserts, dry areas and cold regions.
  • People can grow their plants or vegetables accordingly.
  • It’s an eco-friendly technique.
  • Hydroponic method carries complete process of controlling nutrients content, pH level, lightening with overall growing environment.
  • Nutrients can be recycled and used on other plants to maintain the process of growth.
  • Factual part is that plant grows faster due to more oxygen in roots area.
  • In hydroponic gardening, if needed one can eliminate and reduce the amount of assets provide to the plants in order to avoid insects, fungi and bacteria.
  • This technique has higher crop yield and no cultivation is required.
  • The most important thing about hydroponic gardening is affordable with less labor work.


No doubt hydroponic technique has impressive pros and cost effective nature with quick growth rate of plants but it also has few of the drawback which can’t be ignored.

  • It is easy to continue the process of growing plants through hydroponic gardening but the initial setup and maintenance of place is a lot time taking with immense expense to be carried out.
  • Hydroponic can be work for cold environment and generally it’s requires enough amount of electricity with specific heat for plants to grow so dependency of electricity can be questionable.
  • Hydroponic gardening requires constant attention, monitoring and maintenance as it’s a time taking process to take care of every single step of plantation.
  • There is a huge risk of spreading water borne diseases like fusarium and verticillium. One should only get benefitted if he or she has enough skill and knowledge to operate things properly.


Hydroponic is a method of growing plants without soil all year long, uses less water and more nutrients if followed proper steps and gadgets for plantation. This technique has higher ratio of faster growth than the traditional one, soil based. For plant growth from hydroponic method, all you need to explore the quality products provider like “Creative Growth Store’’ as they have more than enough essential products and step by step guidance with so many advices to grow your own garden.