Ever wondered how plants can flourish without soil? It sounds like something out of a futuristic gardening novel, right?

Picture a garden where plants float in mid-air. Their roots hang in a thin stream of nutrient-rich water. It’s like the plants are enjoying a spa day, with a constant flow of nourishment that keeps them flourishing. This is the magic of nutrient film technique (NFT), a modern phenomenon that reshapes the way we grow plants and crops.

Creative Grow Store presents a comprehensive guide on nutrient film technique, and how it works. We offer NFT systems that ensure the best conditions for plant growth. Additionally, we provide you with the tools to create a thriving and sustainable garden.

What is the Nutrient Film Technique?

In traditional farming, soil serves as the primary medium for providing essential nutrients to plants. However, NFT takes a groundbreaking approach that is different from the traditional soil-based nurturing method. It introduces a thin film of nutrient-rich water for plant growth.

  • Nutrient Film Technique Definition

“NFT is a hydroponic system (‘hydro’ means water and ‘ponic’ means working) where a thin film of nutrient-rich water flows over plant roots, providing essential nutrients for their growth.”

How Do Nutrient Film Technique Systems Work? 

Let’s go through the essential components of the system first. Then, review its whole work.

Essential Components of Nutrient Film Technique System


  • It acts as the central hub for holding the nutrient solution.
  • Select a container with enough capacity to manage your plant growth needs.

Nutrient Pump:

  • It works for the continuous circulation of the nutrient solution through the system.
  • Choose a pump that matches the size of your setup, providing consistent and controlled flow.

Distribution Tubes:

  • They serve to transport the nutrient solution from the pump to the NFT growing tubes.
  • Choose tubes that resist any blockage and manage a constant flow of the nutrient solution.

Growing Channels:

  • They provide a pathway for nutrient-rich water to flow over the roots.
  • Choose these channels that are made of materials like PVC or other food-grade materials to ensure the safety of your plants.

Net Pots:

  • They hold the plants within the NFT system
  • Further, they allow the roots to hang into the nutrient stream.
  • Choose pots of suitable size according to the plant varieties.

Growing Media:

  • A suitable growing medium in the net pot for nurturing seedlings.
  • Consider options like rock wool or coconut coir for their excellent water absorption.

Return System (Drainpipe):

  • A tube or channel that sends the used nutrient solution back to the reservoir.
  • Use tubing or channels that efficiently direct the solution and maintain the closed-loop system.

In the nutrient film technique hydroponics, there are two main components:

  • Grow Tray or Channel
  • Reservoir

The reservoir consists of water and nutrients. Grow tray contains net pots with growing media (like perlite or coconut) that hold the plants. The system provides moisture, nutrients, and oxygen directly to the roots.

As the plants flourish, the roots form a thick layer in the channel. The leaves sit on the surface, getting extra support from a trellis system.

Here’s how NFToperates: a pump delivers water to the grow tray, and a drainpipe recycles the unused nutrient solution. The grow tray, placed with an angle, lets water flow towards the nutrient return pipe. Excess solution exits from the pipe and enters another channel or tube. Then gets ready to circulate through the system again.

The roots of the plants extend down into the channel and meet a shallow film of nutrient solution. From here, they absorb essential nutrients. The thin film ensures the plants receive water without being overly soaked. Additionally, allowing the upper roots to stay dry and access oxygen from the air. The NFT system creates the finest environment for plant growth. It ensures they receive the nutrients they need in a balanced and efficient manner.

Utilizing NFT in Hydroponic Gardening:

Let’s explore how NFT fits into the broader concept of hydroponics. 

Nutrient film technique hydroponic system eliminates soil, providing a continuous watery flow of nutrients in a thin film that nurtures the plants’ roots. NFT is like a flexible solution for hydroponic gardening. It easily fits into different gardening situations. It helps plants get the right nutrients. Its soilless approach lowers the chances of plants getting diseases from the soil. Additionally, it gives more control to the gardener. 

What makes NFT cool in hydroponics is that it can be used in different ways. You can have it indoors, make a special place for herbs, or even create a tall wall of green plants.

Now, let’s discover the diverse applications of NFT in hydroponic garden scenarios.

  • Indoor Hydroponic Garden: Bring the magic of gardening right into your home! With NFT, you can have a garden indoors.
  • Hydroponic Herb Garden: Love using fresh herbs in your cooking? NFT lets you create a special place just for herbs. Whether it’s basil, mint, or cilantro, imagine having a mini herb paradise at your fingertips.
  • Hydroponic Vertical Garden: Imagine a tall wall covered in lush greenery. NFT turns vertical spaces into vibrant gardens. It’s like having a living wall of plants that adds beauty to any area. The roots dip into the nutrient-rich water, and the plants reach for the sky.

Moreover, in nutrient film technique aquaponics combines aquaculture (raising fishes – aquatic organisms) with hydroponics (growing plants without soil).

The nutritional waste produced by fish provides food for plants. In return, the plants clean and freshen up the water for the fish. It’s like a teamwork system where both fish and plants help each other out.

Nutrient Film Technique Pros and Cons:

NFT Advantages:

  • No need for a lot of stuff for plants to grow.
  • Less water or nutrients are used.
  • Simple to check the plants’ health because you can easily see their roots.
  • Few salt deposits because the water keeps moving.
  • Easy to make it bigger by adding more trays for growing.
  • Good for the environment as it doesn’t harm the groundwater.
  • No problem with things like getting stuff or throwing away things.
  • No need to spend too much money
  • Easy cleaning of roots and equipment
  • Plant roots can stay at a steady level of acidity and nutrients.
  • Giving regular food to the plants and washing them out stops salt from building up in one place.

NFT Disadvantages:

  • If the water with nutrients doesn’t keep moving, the roots can dry out and get stressed very fast.
  • If the pump stops working, plants can die in just a few hours
  • The water must keep moving all the time.
  • Big and heavy plants need good support and stability.
  • Roots might block the drain.

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